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Live Your Best Life

I'm a licensed therapist with over a decade of experience who believes in the power of change. I've seen the many ways that life can be difficult, and I understand that life's journey comes with many curves and hurdles. I believe in empowering and uplifting every client I encounter, knowing they can overcome anything they face.


Over the past decade, I've worked with children, adolescents, and families in various settings, including residential, community mental health, school-based therapy, and private practice.


When you're ready to take steps toward healing from your past experiences or current struggles with stress or depression—or just want some support on your journey—I'm here for you.

In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself. It will be a permanent self, rooted in awareness and creativity. Once you have captured this, you have captured the world.

Deepak Chopra


Working with Kevilynn has been utterly life-changing. I’ve worked with her for nearly two years. She has shepherded me through some of the most painful life experiences with care, support, and wisdom while equipping me with tools to become a stronger, more present, more authentic version of myself. I’ve always felt comfortable sharing my feelings and concerns with her. She is incredibly astute and has helped me identify and address several negative behavior patterns. I am beyond grateful that she uses her talents in this field—she is brilliant and impactful.

Stacey  J.

The name has been changed to maintain client confidentiality.

The Speaker

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Kevilynn Gatson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Trained Postpartum Doula.


With a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Arkansas and a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University, Kevilynn is the founder and owner of Reflections Counseling Group, a boutique private practice created with the vision to uplift and empower individuals and families during their time of need.

With over a decade of experience in the mental health field, Kevilynn is mindfully intersecting the connections between Black women, mental health, and self-development.


Kevilynn Gatson is a phenomenal public speaker, creator of Relentlessly Evolving, and Co-Creator of Nashville Clinicians of Color Collective. She is a highly sought-after expert in mental health, black womanhood, self-care, and postpartum and perinatal mental health services.


Her work has been featured in Nashville Voyager, The Rickey Smiley Show, and various social media panel discussions.


Through her professional speaking engagements and workshops, Kevilynn provides clients with comprehensive and engaging education and resources on various mental health topics. This includes healthy boundaries, living well, self-love, and imposter syndrome.


From working one-on-one with clients at her private practice to speaking publicly as a mental health contributor and keynote speaker, Kevilynn dedicates her life’s work to breaking the stigma around mental health and helping people achieve a fulfilling life.


Kevilynn Gatson is a gifted public speaker, and making her the headliner of your event is a no-brainer. Her speech will inspire, motivate and effectively connect with your audience!  

The Speaker

Licensure Supervision

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Supervisor today

The burden and expense of preparing for your state examination are challenging, yet becoming licensed is a necessary step to beginning your independent practice.


If you want to obtain your LPC-MHSP license in the State of TN, Kevilynn is an Approved Supervisor. She has a track record of helping practitioners successfully achieve licensure, ensuring that you will not need to study and train alone.


Kevilynn provides individual and group supervision in the areas of PTSD, mood disorders, trauma and stress response, depression, anxiety, and other conditions.


As a supervisor, Kevilynn deeply cares about empowering her supervisees. Her goal is to help you begin your journey toward becoming the best clinician you can be by providing opportunities for growth and professional development.


Click here to learn more about Kevilynn's services and qualifications.

Licensure Supervision
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