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Meet Coach K

I'm Kevilynn Gatson, and I am so excited to meet you!


I was born in Arkansas but grew up a military kid, which sparked my love for travel and adventure. My life has been full of twists and turns and exposure to different cultures, environments and teaching. This has afforded me the opportunity to view things from different perspectives, be open to meeting individuals where they are and extending grace where other's may not. I have always been purposed to aid and support those who are hurting or struggling.


After completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas (Woo Pig Sooie!) in 2007 with a bachelor's in psychology, and in 2011 I earned a Master's in Mental Health Counseling. In 2014, I attained my Licensed Professional Counseling-Mental Health Service Provider designation for the State of Tennessee. 


With many years of experience in the field and attending training to enhance my craft, I am ready to assist you as you find your way out of your current circumstance and onto a brighter future!


Read my full story below.

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My Purpose. My Story. My Life

Every woman has a story to tell. A journey to take. A life to live. I created this space out of necessity: for myself and the women I love and serve daily.


As a young woman, I found it challenging to navigate through situations growing up in the rural south with the influence of "strong black women" who didn't cry and mastered the art of pushing through.


As a sensitive, intuitive young girl I found it incredibly challenging to process emotions in those environments (for my astrology heads, I'm a Cancer, so you already know). On the surface, I was a privileged kid. I had many advantages in life that afforded me to be in spaces and at tables that many didn't. However, like most, I struggled in silence.

The Wall I Built

It was not until I was in the depths of my own mental health struggles and facing my 3rd bout of postpartum depression that I received some of the most profound wisdom I had heard. Quite honestly, it wasn't that deep but was right on time. My mentor at the time told me, "you will never reach your full potential until you can be vulnerable." **Clinches Pearls…how dare you call me out like that?! But it was true.


The wall I built did serve me and got me into spaces; however, conquering my fear of allowing people to truly see me was my barrier. Not my lack of education, not lack of opportunity, not lack of resources, it was ME! Lack of awareness of who I was and what my purpose was.

It's Time to Walk Boldly in Who You Are

I desire to curate a space for you to begin to walk to walk intentionally and boldly in who you are. I believe that every woman needs a safe place where she can be seen, heard, understood, and valued. 

A place where she can bring her deepest struggles and greatest triumphs. A place where she can find healing through words and action, where she can find connection with other women facing similar challenges. A place where she can learn new skills that will help her live the life we deem as only a fantasy; where she matters! 

No apologies and no shrinking.


Even when life makes your knees buckle, we don't stop!


We don't give up on ourselves. Let's get it!

Coach K


To every woman who's ever felt invisible, unvalued, and alone-it's time to walk boldly in your OWN power. You deserve to heal. You deserve to feel safe and cared for again. You deserve a life free from pain and trauma. I believe in you! Let's do this together

Coach K

There are various ways we can work together.

As Your Therapist


Group & Individual Licensure Supervision

Therapist Consultation

As Your Coach

1:1 Coaching

Self-Paced eCourses

Group Programs

As Your Doula

Post-Partum Packages

Add-On Services

Perinatal Mental Health

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