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The Coach K Approach

Ready to level up your mindset, lifestyle, and overall confidence while breaking through limiting beliefs holding you back? Now is the time to evolve and bring it ALL together - equipping you to take the next big step toward achieving your goals! 

The coaching with Coach K's experience is designed to help you get crystal clear on what's holding you back, so you can figure out what changes need to be made to reach your goals.

My mission is to see you thrive in all areas of life so you can live confidently and purposefully.

Working with me is not a quick fix. It's a natural, sustainable solution that will change your life for good.

I am a woman who has lived and learned. Being a woman is a lifelong growth, understanding, and transformation journey. It's an honor to support the journeys of women around me—and now you!

Coach K


Therapy involves assessing and diagnosing mental health conditions and subsequent treatment. Therapy will focus on the "why" of behavior patterns past and present.

Therapy is for you if you have a trauma history such as physical, sexual, mental, and/or verbal abuse or severe mental health symptoms. If you've ever felt like you were drowning or being crushed by the weight of your mind, then therapy is for you.

As the owner of Reflections Counseling Group, I have worked with clients presenting with trauma and other mental health concerns for over a decade. I want to help you find peace, joy, and happiness in your life.


If you are looking for a therapist dedicated to meeting your mental and emotional well-being needs. We treat various disorders and conditions, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, life transitions, and men's and women's issues. My team and I have the availability to serve you.


Click here for more information on Therapy Services.



​Coaching is focused more on the present and the future. Coaching programs will assist you in identifying and describing current barriers and areas of improvement. Then, we will develop a plan to begin breaking and moving around and breaking down those barriers and blocks.  

Coaching will be focused primarily on the "how" to work toward setting and achieving your goals.

​My approach is simple: I motivate and encourage my clients to identify, plan and attack specific goals. Don't worry if you feel scattered and unsure. I can help you take control of your life by making solid decisions about what's most important to you and committing to those results.

You don't need to be perfect or even close to it—you just need to decide what matters most and how to get there. As your Coach, I'll help keep you focused on achieving those goals so that nothing gets in the way of YOU living YOUR best life.

Relentlessly Evolving

Everything that we experience in life is a part of our evolution as a person. Growth requires experience. Life isn’t happening if you aren’t experiencing things.

When you are relentless about something, you are intentional, focused, and do not give up until you have reached the fullness of what you seek.

Hurdles can’t stop you; people can’t stop you; experiences don’t stop you, and you don’t stop you. You learn to get out of your own way.

The next stage of your life is just around the corner, so it’s time you take an honest look at who you are and where you are going…The more you resist doing that, the longer it will take to achieve what you want. Don’t worry, I can help!

Relentlessly Evolving is not your average group coaching program. It was designed to help you evolve into the person you were born to be and overcome ongoing obstacles. You will be immersed in the process of self-discovery and personal evolution.

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Relentlessly Evolving

Relentlessly Evolving

Group Program

Don’t allow your past to hold you hostage; instead, use it as a mechanism to catapult you into your purposed position. Be relentless in your pursuit of self. You are pressure, sis…let’s make diamonds. This program is designed to shift your mindset from the need to change to the idea of allowing yourself to naturally evolve into the person you were born to be.
I’m a Woman First

I’m a Woman First:

The Art of Navigating Womanhood, 
Motherhood, Business and Relationships

Ladies!!! Yep this one is specifically for the ladies.


Being a woman is beautiful and it has its perks, but let’s be honest its tough being a woman juggling many obligations and responsibilities.


Being a mother (human, animal, or plant), working/business woman, girlfriend/wife, friend and anything else you have on your plate. We lose ourselves in the roles and many hats we wear in life.


This coaching program helps you navigate through all the many roles we play and hats we wear daily and begin to take care of our needs as a woman first.


Let’s get back to ourselves!

The Business of Therapy

The Business of
Private Practice

Business coaching for new therapist seeking to break into the private practice world and therapist who just need a bit of guidance in navigating the business side of therapy.


Coaching consists of developing your niche, understanding insurance, developing and sticking to your business policies and business planning strategies.

SWP_7617 (1)_edited.png

Coach K is a rare breed. Yet, she is a master at helping people identify the root of their issues and creating a plan of action to overcome them.


I love that Coach K meets you wherever you are, with acceptance and in a non-judgmental space so that you can share your fears, doubts, dreams, and joys with her. She truly has a gift for making what can be difficult and uncomfortable into an experience of self-discovery, acceptance, healing, and happiness.

Coach Jae Nicole

Certified Life & Brand Coach

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